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Spring into Skincare 
Dermatude special offer - available April through June! 

Salon offers for YOU  
Oxygen Boost Cleansing Milk 500 ml BUY 1 - Get 1 FREE - SAVE £32.95!         
Soft Radiance Enzymatic Peeling 200 ml BUY 1 - Get 1 FREE - SAVE £35.95!

Proper cleansing and toning of the skin is the first step in a daily skincare routine, and very important before a Meta Therapy treatment. The Dermatude cleansing products remove make-up, impurities, and dead skin cells. They prepare the skin and help ensure better absorption of the active ingredients in the Subjectables, supporting the best results. Encourage your clients to continue with the Oxygen Boost cleansing and toning at home. This will support and help retain the results of the Meta Therapy treatment you provide for them in-salon.

Consumer offer for your CLIENT  
Have your client use Dermatude products at home to maintain their in-salon results! Purchase Oxygen Boost Cleansing Milk + Oxygen Boost Toning Lotion – GET A FREE Soft Radiance Enzymatic Peeling! Your client SAVES £25.95!  

“Daily cleansing and toning, along with weekly exfoliation is a key step to a healthy skin care routine.”